My Random Talk 11 April 2017


you’ll never knew what sweetness is when bitterness didn’t come over you

Feel the pain, don’t fight it.

because you’ll never knew how strong you are when life didn’t hit you hard with the pain, sadness and the other heartbreaking feeling.

You never knew how lite something when heavy didn’t greet you.

My point is.. keep being positive and just enjoy the process despite the hardship, struggle, heartbreak, confused, and the others heavy feeling that might turned you into someone else who is not real you.



13 pemikiran pada “My Random Talk 11 April 2017

  1. “Pain demands to be Felt” – The Fault In Our Star
    there is someone ever told me this,,,Loyal and Faithful Girl Cry the Most..
    and in the end,,, all I learned was how to be strong,,, Alone.

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