Dad where are you? I want tell you that i can’t do this anymore. I’m tired… so tired. I’m hurt and broken. I’m dying inside. I want you hold me tight and tell me that all is well, everything’s gonna be alright, i can do it and you’ll be beside me for every step that i take. Dad… Mom is not enought for me. She loves me but she can’t protect me from the harsh world that seems never stop stab and make me weak. Dad please save me. I feel like dying. They hurt me a lot. They make me want give up on every my dream. Dream… Dad… my dream is to have you by my side. To have you cheer me up for everything i have and i will do. Dad please come save me. Please help me to live up my life that always been dull and misserables since you gone. Dad… Dad.. Dad… i beg you.


16 pemikiran pada “DAD

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