202 pemikiran pada “PILIH

  1. Yoong oppa juseyo, author-nim gua pilih yoong soalnya klo taenysic udh biasa dan udh byk yg buat tp klo yoonsicfany keknya blm ada yg buat deh. Jadi yoonsicfany juseyo

  2. I’m sorry if I sound so rude. But please stop give me false hope. I know it will just end up as taengsic and yoonfany. Even I choose taeny, you still pick your choice, I’m sorry. I’m a devoted taeny shipper, I may sound overreacted. I hope you understand what I mean. I like your story but if it’s not taeny then I don’t find a reason to read it. Please create something that I could read. Thank you and sorry.

    • I just want to speak out this inkling feeling inside of me, FYI I’m not even mad, I know I don’t have a reason to, I don’t know why you sound mad, I hope you get well soon, I didn’t mean to attack you, I hope you’re not mad at me, I just feel like you like Tiffany but you didnt really like taeny, I think like you just write it for the sake of there’s so many taeny shipper among the other, I just hope you can write something that you really ship and like, I knew I don’t have any right to tell you what to do. You know I just try to use my right as the reader to show you what’s inside my mind. I mean, isn’t it open to public. The comments section I mean. Look. I just want to be open-minded, I know in our culture it sounds so rude, that’s why I choose to commented in English, and choose another account, I may look like a coward, but that’s not the case actually I just want you to know my opinion without destroying the good-relation between author and reader. I hope you understand what I mean , I also don’t know why you always write a gender bender Tiffany with someone else beside Taeyeon. see I know you, I ain’t nobody. I do comments, and if you mentioned anout money. Why are you even here, why we’re even here if it’s about money. And about my statement earlier about you being not FAIR, the truth is don’t you know if you put taeny against the other pairing, they obviously won without a fight, what are you talking about minority here, if you want you can just write another pairing without taeny in there, but from what I saw (I hope you don’t feel offended because it’s my opinion) you just use taeny as the attention seeker. So there will be more reader, yes or no, maybe no, pardon me. I am very very sorry to spill out my stupid theory inside my mind, I hope you can be more bigger after this. I don’t mean to attack you. just saying what inside my mind, peace.. and get well soon from the bottom of my heart.

  3. yoonfany yoonsic..
    suka gw thor..
    tp bnyk yg suka LS yah..
    ywd deh.. kputusan authorny aj..
    tp gw suka couple selingkuhan loe doang thor.. T_T

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