I knew it was you, the moment I first saw you
As if my heart froze, my breath stopped
I used to be overwhelmed with just myself
But now I always miss you every single day


I thought it couldn’t be, the moment I first saw you
How did you come to me?
I struggled to endure through countless days
So I didn’t know that you’d come to me


If you turn around, I’ll always be there
So you can always come back to me
Just like how we found each other among the many people
We can be happy, we can be together


I promise you that you won’t shed tears
I won’t hurt you
All of this is like a miracle to me
I’ll always protect you right by your side
Now hold my hand


Thank you for coming to me
Just you alone is enough for me
I have nothing else I want
I’ll always smile right next to you
Please know my heart
I will be right here


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