To My…..

I’m confessing to you
I promise you
You’re the one who saved me from danger
I will live for you
Even if my heart aches and stops
Even if my tears blind me
Please wake my heart that has stopped for a long time
Come to me in the light and hold my hand
I want to live without regret
Even if I lose the world, I only need you
If loving you is a sin
I will receive all the punishments
I call out your name because I miss you
Can you hear my voice?
Can you hear my earnest heart?
Please remember one thing
The person who will love you the most in the world is me
It’s destiny

3 pemikiran pada “To My…..

  1. love is not a sin, it is a condition for everyone to have. Love is not sin, coz keep loving and kept it going. Love is not a sin, coz we are commanded by it, living it day by day. Your piece is a wonderful reminder for us all.

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